Innes Hutton

Bass and percussion

Bassist, percussionist and one of the founder members of the Peatbogs, Innes has lived in Skye for over twenty years, giving him an insight into how the traditional music of the area could be integrated with other musical styles like urban dance beats and world music rhythms, to form something new and exiting. In his years with the Peatbogs he has travelled extensively all over Europe to Indonesia, Japan, India, America and Africa. This has contributed yet more influences on the way he approaches his sound.

[Peter Morrison] [Ross Couper] [Tom Salter] [Greame Stafford] [Stu Haikney]

Upcoming gigs

Keswick Mountain Festival, Keswick
Venue: Main Stage
Cumbria, England
Alnwick Playhouse, Northumberland
Alnwick, England
Killin Music Festival
Venue: McLaren Hall
Killin, Stirlingshire, Scotland

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