Released: 2017 by Peatbog Records
The Humours of Ardnamurchan
Folk Police
Strictly Sambuca
Shifting Peat and Feet
Fishing at Orbost
The Naughty Step
Tom in the Front
Marx Terrace
Jakes on a Plane
The Ranch
Dun Beag

Live@25 is our second live album and ninth overall. 80 minutes long, it celebrates the bands 25 years together and includes tracks from some of our earliest, recordings to the present.

Upcoming gigs

Keswick Mountain Festival, Keswick
Venue: Main Stage
Cumbria, England
Alnwick Playhouse, Northumberland
Alnwick, England
Killin Music Festival
Venue: McLaren Hall
Killin, Stirlingshire, Scotland

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