Great reviews for "Dust"

21 September 2011

Our seventh album gets raving reviews. We collected a couple of snippets for you:

The Scotsman;

Skye's psychedelic fusioneers return with a vengeance, their tightly delivered and all self-penned tunes on fiddle, pipes and whistle coming and going amid a blizzard of electronic beats and effects…. infectious, leap-about fun.

The Guardian;

Peatbog Faeries provide another reminder of the strength and variety of the Scottish music scene…… there's an engagingly live feel to this latest all-instrumental set, which ranges from furious work-outs to more thoughtful mood pieces, some written by their new fiddle-player Peter Tickell, who can also be heard in Sting's band. At their best, on tracks such as The Naughty Step, they start with bubbling electronica, sturdy percussion and a solid bass riff, then introduce hypnotic work-outs on pipe or fiddle. Slower, more atmospheric pieces, including Fishing at Orbost and Ascent of Conival, would make great film music.


Half-way between tradition and technological revelation, the result here is beautiful.  Bagpipes and fiddles, intense with that highland edge, work on synthesized beats to make an ambience worthy of Archie MacFarlane’s cover art, with its blurred photos and dust particles catching the light.  The Peatbog Faeries are at one with their country’s folklore past but try to channel it in a way that uses all of creative possibilities open to them.

The Financial Times;

Peatbog Faeries share more than initials with Pink Floyd. The footstamping Scottish fiddle-and-pipe instrumentals float above electronic effects, and Floyd fans will relish the echoes of the pounding bass stutter of “Dun Beag”, the kosmische swirling space rock intro of “Spiegel and Nongo” and the crazy-diamond cavern of “Marx Terrace”. Irresistible live music that still works on record.

Folk and Roots;

Sixteen years after 'Mellowosity' was released, Peatbog Faeries bring us 'Dust', their brand new studio album. Produced again by Calum Maclean, it was recorded and released in just under four months, the speed suggestive of just how creatively brilliant this band are. A band whose line up has changed considerably yet manages to deliver an album that is both undeniably Peatbogs yet innovative and exciting at the same time. From the sheer ‘in your face get up and dance’ of ‘The Naughty Step’ to the jazzy brass section on ‘Ascent of Conival’ the Faeries seventh album is full of funky bass, pipes and whistle, electronica and fiddle all combined to give that unique Skye air to everything they do. Trance. Or dance. Folk. Or funk. Dancing compulsory. And just when you think you’ve sussed this album you find ‘Fishing at Orbost’ tucked away towards the end. Slow, gentle and achingly beautiful, the  pipes will remind you of loved ones or loved places, the memories staying with you long after the tune has ended.

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